Microsoft Functional Consultancy

Our Microsoft Functional Consultants are part of our core delivery team. They provide dedicated functional consultancy capabilities that involve business process and solution design of Dynamics & Office 365 centred solutions. Using there extensive experience they not only support the managing of delivery, but where required provide support in configuring, customising and implementing solutions.

Our team is focused on advisory and implementation services that relate to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM & ERP) and Office 365. This includes the implementation of these systems and also engagements relating to Independent Programme Assurance where third parties are delivering such programmes.



Our consultants start by working with your key personnel by listening, capturing, understanding and documenting your requirements.



Once requirements have been confirmed, our consultants then begin to design both process and functional solutions.



Ensuring any solution fits into your Technical Architecture is a necessity. Working with your Architects, we ensure we are compliant.



Our consultants are present throughout the implementation. Providing onsite, hands on technical and process support.


Change Control

As changes in requirements, infrastructure or process occurs during implementation, your consultant will provide assurance.


Business Transformation

Working with your end users, our consultants ensure the correct training, support and adoption is in place for a smooth transition.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Delivery Recovery

Wessex Water were 12 months into their delivery of a customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. The delivery was underway to facilitate a change in regularity governance (Open Water) and hit some issues that meant they were running six months behind and over budget.

Our team were tasked to undertake a full analysis of the programme, and then take over the management to recover and ensure it got back on track to prevent regulatory fines being imposed.